Monday, July 30

Peaches Poached in Vanilla Perry

Peaches are just coming into season and nothing shouts summer like this fragrant fruit. IIf you live in the West Country, you will be very familiar with Perry. If not, it is a an alcoholic drink made in the cider style but makes use of pears rather than apples. 

This recipe is dead easy to prepare and results in quite an adult tasting syrup so maybe not a dish for kids. A great way to use peaches from the supermarket that are not quite soft enough to eat. The fruit will sit happily in the syrup for days in the fridge so you can make this up in advance and serve chilled on a hot day...or eat warm straight from the pan. Serves 2 to 4

Firm peaches - 4 large
1 bottle of quality Perry - 500ml
Sugar to Taste
Seeds from 1 fat vanilla pod
Good vanilla ice-cream

Carefully peel the peaches with a potato peeler. Place in a tight fitting pan and cover with the perry. Add the vanilla seeds, pods and a good few tbsp of sugar - you can always add more later so don't go crazy. Gently simmer the peaches until soft. Remove from the syrup and allow to cool. Reduce the syrup by half to intensify the flavour - taste and add more sugar if you like.

Serve with the ice-cream and a good splash of the syrup. Any remaining syrup can be used to make a cocktail with vodka or cava.


Oonagh said...

Thanks for don't core the peaches?

Steve Gale said...

I dont core them but feel free to halve them and remove the stone before poaching.