Thursday, July 12

Courgette Linguine with Lemon, Mint, Chilli & Feta

My mum was up this week and is a bit of a pasta fiend. This is a lovely light summer dish to use up the glut of seasonal courgettes. I used a Japanese mandolin with a julienne attachment to make courgette 'spaghetti'. If you don't have one of these lethal devices, just cut the courgette into thin matchsticks as best you can. For three to four:

Linguine or spaghetti - 200g
Courgettes - 4 large, cut into long strands or matchsticks
Garlic - 4 cloves, peeled & roughly chopped
Dried red chilli flakes - a good couple of pinches
Lemon - zest and juice of 2
Mint & basil - half a bunch of each, stems removed and roughly chopped
Butter - 50g
Extra virgin olive oil - 50ml
Feta - 200g, cut into small cubes
Parmesan shavings - 50g

Cook the linguine as per the packet instructions. In a large frying pan, warm the butter and gently fry the garlic and chilli until the garlic starts to go golden. Add the courgette and gently fry until softened. Add the lemon zest, chopped herbs and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Drain the linguine reserving some of the pasta water. Tip the linguine into the pan and toss the courgette into the linguine. Tip in half the lemon juice, a generous lug of olive oil and check the seasoning - add more lemon if you think it needs it. If the pasta is a bit dry, add a little of the reserved pasta cooking water.

Tip the pasta into a large serving bowl and top with the feta, parmesan and a sprinkle of chilli flakes.

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