Tuesday, June 3

Roast Chantenay Carrots, Butternut, Feta, Caraway, Cumin & Mint

I just bought the new Morito cookbook and I'm smitten. This is pretty much their recipe but with a few twists to adjust it to my palate. You don't need the butternut, up the quantity of carrots a bit - I just had too few carrots and a squash lurking in the fridge….!

A small butternut - peeled, deseeded and cut into 1cm dice
Chantenay carrots, 250g - washed and cut lengthways into quarters
Feta - half a block
Cumin seeds, 1 tsp
Caraway seeds, 1tsp
Smoked paprika - a few pinches
Honey - 1tbsp
Rosewater - 1 tsp
Mint - a small handful of leaves, shredded
Half a lemon
Good olive oil

Toss the carrots, squash caraway and cumin seeds with a good slug of olive oil and some seasoning. Roast gently at 160c until nice and soft stirring occasionally. Add the honey, rosewater, a squeeze of lemon and taste. Plate up, sprinkle with smoked paprika, crumbled feta and the shredded mint. Drizzle with more good olive oil to finish.

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