Saturday, April 26

Chargrilled Purple Sprouting, Spring Onions, Asparagus & Jersey Royals

Some recipes are so simple that they really don't need writing down - this is one of those. Just use great tasting seasonal ingredients, your tastebuds and instincts. I whipped this up on the BBQ last week - first of the year! Char-grilling purple sprouting may sound strange but I nicked the idea of Josh Eggleton - a Michelin starred chef from Bristol. As long as you avoid blackening the broccoli, the taste is wonderful…….so:

Gently rub/wash the spuds and boil in gently simmering water until soft. Chop any woody ends off the asparagus and broccoli and toss in a little oil and seasoning. Char-grill with the onions until softened but still with some bite. Toss in a bowl with the still warm spuds and dress liberally with very good olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Season, and throw in a handful of chopped soft herbs. I used tarragon, chervil and chives but basil, parsley or even coriander would work well.

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