Saturday, November 30

Fried Pimentón Potatoes, Jamon & Morcilla

Unless your missus is a 'prop' in the local rugby team, this is probably not the dish to impress your better half on a Sunday morning. That said, if you have a steaming hangover and your mates stayed over, then I highly recommend this Spanish inspired version of a greasy spoon. It takes a while to cook, but there is not much more effort involved than chucking some spuds in a pan and flopping on the sofa for a while. For two

2 large floury potatoes, try Maris Piper - peeled
Olive oil - a good glug
1 medium onion - peeled and roughly sliced
Smoked paprika - a good pinch or two
Quality morcilla or black pudding - 100g
Serrano Ham - 75g

Cut the spuds into chunks and toss into a roomy non-stick pan with the onion, oil and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Place over a low heat and leave to gently fry for 10 mins. Sprinkle with smoked paprika and give it a little stir. Leave for another ten mins. Basically you want to gently fry the spuds until they are cooked through and crisp edged - do this slowly and the onions will render to a soft sweet golden hue at the same time.

Warm the morcilla the in the oven until hot through. Toss the ham into the potatoes and warm through. Crumble the morcilla over the spuds and serve with toasted rustic bread. Chipotle ketchup is a great sauce to go with this....

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