Saturday, February 2

Linguine Arrabiatta with Chicken

I mentioned in my last post that I had a use for any leftover Piri Piri chicken and sauce. Here it is in all it's unauthentic glory.......but saying that, shredded chicken in a spicy tomato and basil can't be that far off the Italian classic can it?

Barely a recipe and a truly frugal way to make an expensive free range bird go a lot further. It also means that chicken dinner number two takes only as long to prepare as the pasta takes to cook - it's a win win.

Piri Piri chicken leftovers, about a leg and a halves worth will feed two with a couple of big ladlefuls of the sauce.
A big buch of basil, leaves picked from stems, stems discarded.
Linguine - 60g per person or more if you like.
Parmesan - lots, grated.

This dish really needs no direction but for the hard of cooking.....

Boil water and cook pasta to 'al dente'. Shred the chicken leg meat off the bones discarding skin, bone and gristle. Warm the remaining sauce with the chicken. Drain the pasta adding to the sauce with a little of the pasta water if it is a bit dry. Wilt the basil in the hot pasta and sauce. Check the seasoning and serve in deep bowls with large fistfuls of Parmesan scattered on top (in my experience you can never have to much Parmesan)

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