Monday, October 1

Roasted Figs, Homewood Fresh Ewe's Cheese, Rose Honey

Figs are in plentiful, cheap and at their peak right now. This remarkably simple dish is ultimately versatile as it falls somewhere between sweet and savoury. It would work well as a light lunch, a dessert, a cheese course or as part of a mezze. The fresh Ewe's cheese from Homewood Farm ( is stunning and about as local to me as it gets. If you can't get hold of this one, try a gorgonzola, aged feta, ricotta etc etc.....they would all work well.

Ingredients - measurements are per person
3 ripe figs
Honey - about a tbsp
Rose water - 1 tsp
Homewood Ewes milk cheese - 1 generous spoonful

Heat your oven to 210c. Mix the rose water with the honey. Cut the tough stem off the top of the figs then cut a 'cross' into the top of the fig going about two thirds through the fig. Squeeze the base of the fig to make the cut fan out. Arrange the figs in one layer in a tight fitting and shallow oven proof dish. Drizzle with half the honey and bake for 10 minutes until the figs start to sag. Transfer the figs to a pretty plate, mix the remaining honey with the syrup that will have accumulated at the bottom of the baking dish then drizzle over the figs. Top with the sheep's cheese.

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