Friday, September 21

An Collection of Unusual Cheese Board Accompaniments

No recipe this week, just a showcase of some exciting new finds from the Abergavenny Food festival last weekend. Brindisa ( is one of my favourite suppliers of predominately Spanish goods and I dropped quite a bit of money on their stand this year. 

Firstly a tomato jelly. Crystal clear, I can only imagine that they have made a tomato consomm√© out of fantastically ripe tomatoes, sweetened it a little, then set it to a firm jelly. Fantastic flavour, stunning colour and just sweet enough to be a great substitute to the more ubiquitous quince cheese or membrillo.

They also had a great pressed fig and almond terrine. I have seen this before but not bought any. Almost savoury but toffee like, with the fantastic addition of crunchy almonds.

Bored of Jacobs crackers and Carrs water biscuits? Try these Torta de Aciete olive oil crackers. Rich, flaky and not unlike really crisp puff pastry.

Oh and the cheese - not Brindisa this one. A Neal's Yard 'Finn' ( - A clean, slightly lemony tasting, soft cows milk cheese. Absolutely stunning and a bargain at £2 for a half. 

It should be said that I have no affiliation with these suppliers even though it may sound like a sales pitch! Sometimes you just have to let the World know when you find an outstanding product

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