Tuesday, May 8

A Proper Burger

Chefs more than anyone get a real urge for junk food. I have to resist pretty much all the time, a mental revolt perhaps caused by overexposure to restaurant food?

Anyhow, when I get an urge for the ghastly 'golden arches', I make a home made burger. At least you can control what goes into the mix and the damage is limited. Actually, there is no reason why a burger couldn't be good for you. Packed full of salad and protein, it's virtually health food......or add bacon, mayo, blue cheese, a fried egg, fried onions and blow out!

A note on beef: I'm sure I don't have to wax lyrical about the necessity for quality meat. If you are going to use Tesco value mince, then you may as well buy ready made burgers. Go to a quality butcher, ask him to mince some dry aged chuck steak. You want about 10% fat content so some fresh suet or fat can be minced through with the lean.  Makes 2:

Quality beef mince (not too lean approx 10% fat) - 400g
Fresh thyme - 3 sprigs, leaves picked from stems and finely chopped
Worcestershire sauce - 1 tbsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Freshly ground black pepper - 1 tsp
Some burger garnish - I used dijon, fresh tomato, ketchup, red onion, gherkin and Westcombe Cheddar
A couple of sour dour or ciabatta buns

I feel really daft even giving you instructions on how to make and cook these as they are so easy......

Mix together the beef, thyme, worcestershire sauce and seasoning. Shape into two burgers and barbecue or fry in a medium hot pan until cooked. Stuff into bun with chosen garnish and condiments. 


Anonymous said...

I find that burgers crumble if you don't add some bread (soaked in water and 'squeezed dry'). I have never managed to get round this problem and have even experimented with adding a bit of egg. Do you not have this problem?

Steve Gale said...

The answer is salt. If you season your burgers well (fry a little mix off to have a taste) then they should hold. Also try not to prod about to much when cooking, cook them in a hot pan and allow a crust to form before you flip them.