Friday, January 20

Coconut Panna Cotta, Passion Fruit & Lime Syrup

I have finally got around to blogging the dessert course for my Boxing day Thai feast. Beautifully simple and refreshing in the extreme.  A perfect end to a spicy prelude. Be sure to buy very ripe passionfruit - the more wrinkly the better. Makes 6x125ml panna cotta but you could go for one big one or any other size combo.

Coconut milk (full fat!) - 500ml
Double Cream - 250ml
Caster sugar - 150g
Gelatine - 1 sachet (12g) of Dr Oetker's powdered gelatine
Juice of 2 limes
4 ripe passionfruit

Warm the cream, coconut milk, 100g of the sugar and gelatine in a pan until everything has dissolved - don't boil or you will taint the taste and destroy the gelatine.  Pour into moulds and set up in the fridge. The best moulds here are aluminium dariol moulds but plastic would also work. If you use ceramic it will be harder to turn out the panna cotta as the moulds need to be warmed in hot water to release the puddings - maybe serve in the moulds?

Boil the remaining sugar with the lime juice, 4 tbsp of water and the scooped out pulp from the passion fruit. When the mixture comes to the boil and the sugar has dissolved, remove from the heat and allow to cool.

De--mould your set panna cotta by dipping in hot water quickly making sure you don't swamp your puds. Hold the mould on its side and using your finger try to break the vacumn by teasing an edge of the panna cotta away from the mould. Once the seal is broken, you can turn the panna cotta out into your hand then plate in the middle of nice white pudding plates. Spoon round the passion fruit syrup. 

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Anonymous said...

Great recipe and a nice twist to the panna cotta recipe. I will be trying this for our next dinner party.