Sunday, November 6

Pan Fried Supreme of Chicken, Sweetcorn Velouté, Giroles & Lardons

Visually this dish looks stunning but it is relatively straight forward to prepare and cook - if you don't believe me just look how short the list of ingredients. We currently have this dish on at the pub and it sells really well. The flavour combinations are classic and well known - the inspiration for this dish came from Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup! For four:

Skin on chicken supremes or breasts (free range) - 4, ask your butcher to french trim the wing bone
New potatoes - 12 the size of a golf ball
Baby leaf spinach - 1 bag
Sweetcorn - 2 cobs
Milk - to cover the sweetcorn
Butter - 50g
Veg oil
Pancetta or streaky bacon cut into lardons - 100g
Giroles or other wild mushrooms - 100g
Salt and pepper

Peel the sweetcorn cobs and cut the corn from the cobs using a sharp small knife. Put the corn in a shallow pan, just cover with milk, season and add half the butter. Simmer gently for 5 mins then blitz in a liquidizer and pass through a sieve. Discard what is left in the sieve and set the sweetcorn velouté aside. Boil your potatoes until just tender. Drain and cut into slices about 1cm thick.

Heat a frying pan and add a little oil. Season your chicken breasts and fry on a medium heat skin side down until golden and crispy (approx 10 mins). Transfer to an oven tray and finish cooking in the oven (200c should be fine). In the same pan add a little butter and fry the  lardons for a few mins until they start to colour then toss in the mushrooms to cook through - maybe 2 mins more. Drain the lardons and mushrooms and keep warm. 

Heat the frying pan again on a high heat and fry the potatoes in a little oil and butter with some seasoning until golden on both sides - drain and set aside to keep warm. Wipe the pan out and now wilt the spinach in a little butter and seasoning.

By now the chicken should be cooked - cut through on an angle to check, if not put back in the oven for a few mins more. Warm the sweetcorn velouté gently, don't boil. Divide the spinach between 4 warmed pasta bowls, top with the sauté potatoes. Pour the sweetcorn sauce around the islands of spinach and sauté, sprinkle round the mushrooms and lardons then top with the chicken breast. 

Note to food bores: I am aware that the sauce used here is not technically a velouté - sweetcorn sauce sounds grim......bless the french for their beautiful but poncey vocabulary.

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